Other than VR Games

Other than VR Games

Entertainment apps Available on PS VR


Using the PlayStation®VR allows the user to view 360° videos, as well as virtual reality videos (360° in 3D) uploaded to YouTube.

Littlstar VR Cinema

A platform that allows users to try out VR content, such as 3D panoramic video. Enjoy a wealth of immersive VR experiences and performances from some of the world's top brands and producers.


The NextVR app allows users to enjoy the most immersive live and on-demand virtual reality experiences from world-class sports, music and entertainment events, as well as a growing selection of new original programming.

Diverse Video Content Available Exclusively for PS VR

Enjoy the large variety of VR content available, from CG movies and music videos to 360 degree reality experiences and much more.
Become immersed in new worlds and experience a level of realism only made possible through VR.
With a wide variety of free content also available, it has never been easier to try it out.

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Enjoy Videos and Games on the Big Screen with 'Cinematic Mode'

Blu-ray 3D™ Content is Also Supported

The VR headset comes packed with 'Cinematic Mode', allowing you to enjoy PS4® game software and video content on a huge virtual reality screen. While wearing the headset you can enjoy content on a massive screen, equivalent of up to 226 inches displayed only 2.5 meters before your eyes. (Personal experiences may differ)
Blu-ray 3D™ content is also supported allowing you to enjoy a mind-blowing full 3D experience.

Enjoy 360-Degree Videos/Photos!

PS VR can also be used to enjoy 360-degree photos and videos taken by devices such as an omnidirectional camera. You can easily enjoy them as if you are there!