Play Everything Roadshow

Play Everything Roadshow

2 - 4/3/2018 @ Central World G Floor

From the 2 to 4th of March 2018, head on down to the PlayStation 'Play Everything' Roadshow at Central World G Floor and play the latest games and win goodies!

Games Playable

Whether you are taking on massive Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus, hitting the race track in GT Sport, hunting monsters in the New World in Monster Hunter or playing one of the most loved JRPGs in Secret of Mana, there is something for every type of gamer!

Great Deals

Looking to get yourself a PS VR? Get yourself free GT Sports software and free VRWorlds software and 2 Move Controllers with every purchase.  And with every purchase of a PS4 Pro, FIFA Bundle and 1TB PS4, you will also get a free DualShock 4 Controller! Come on down to check out more!

Event Overview

Event Name Play Everything Roadshow


Venue and Location

Central World G Floor