Genre: Sports Publisher: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 2019/7/24 Developer: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Age Range: All ages Voice: Japanese
Subtitle: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean

Compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo!

The official game for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo includes more than 16 exciting events covering track & field, swimming and others. Sports fans everywhere are sure to find lots to enjoy.   

Create your own avatar, and win gold across multiple events to create your legend!

“Tokyo 2020 Olympics” Official Game

The official game for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo includes more than 16 sports, with easy to understand controls so there's nothing between you, and the top step but your desire to win.   

With all events playable online, you can take your Olympic spirit out of the living room, and compete on the world stage.

Create yourself in game using the avatar customisation function

Build yourself from the many options available, including facial features, glasses and beards, even face painting! There's also over 100 varities of apparel to select from to create your look.

Experience the Olympic Stadium in realistic detail!

The "Olympic Stadium" for the opening ceremonies/track & field, and the Tokyo Aquatics Centre, among others, are faithfully recreated to deliver you to the centre of the action. With the addition of day and night modes, you can experience all the tension and excitement of the games well in advance of the actual events.


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