Destiny 2 Guide: Trouble Traversing? Find Your Optimal Movement Settings!

Basic Movement Settings

Even the strongest Guardians aren't immune to crisis. One instant you're poised to evade, the next you're being dusted off by a Ghost. I'm sure you've been there.
But fear no more! This section covers basic movement controls, including button layout and customization.


Hit the OPTIONS button on the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller to bring up the character screen from within the menu. From there, press the R1 button twice, then slide the menu right. This will display the in-game options.
You can edit a host of game settings on this screen.


Selecting "Look/Move" from the top right allows you to check and edit movement-related controls. "Default" will be automatically selected at the outset.

You can choose from a total of four movement control types: Default, Southpaw, Legacy, and Legacy Southpaw.

Button Layouts

The Button Layout screen allows you to change mapping presets for your wireless controller. "Default" will be automatically selected at the outset.

You can choose from a total of six layouts: Default, Mirror, Green Thumb, Jumper, Cold Shoulder, and Puppeteer.
Experiment to find your optimal movement type and layout.


"Look Controls" allow you to choose between standard and inverted camera movement when looking with the stick. You can also calibrate look sensitivity.
The Accessibility screen lets you adjust HUD transparency and even turn it completely off should you so desire. While the absence of a HUD might hamper gameplay, it certainly makes for good screenshots! You can also toggle subtitles on/off and edit settings for colorblind mode.
A broad array of other settings, including volume, can be tailored to your liking as well. Re-visit the settings screen as you play to keep fine-tuning the game.

*Screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The game is playable in English.