Destiny 2 Guide: I Beat the Story! What's Next?

More Fun Awaits after Completing the Campaign

With the many trials of your Guardian's journey now complete, you stand victorious—a lauded hero! But while most games would end here, in Destiny 2, this is far from the case. In fact, this is only the beginning of your journey...
Completing the story unlocks a wealth of new features, adding richness to your Destiny 2 experience. Collect more weapons and gear; face off with new foes; explore exotic locales never encountered in the main story arc; traverse your favorite stomping grounds! Countless new gameplay aspects await.

Your New Social Space, the "Traveler"

The Traveler is a new social space you will gain access to which outsizes even the Farm.

Here, a multitude of NPC vendors eagerly await your arrival. Scour the area down to its last nook, talking to everyone you come across!

All-New Adventures

Each destination will be replete with new adventures for you to delve into.

While the tales featured in these fresh excursions diverge from the main storyline, they afford the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Destiny 2 universe—covering everything from new locations to other alien races, as well as their goals.
If that wasn't all, locations featured in the "Flashpoint" weekly vendor challenge will allow you to take on one "Heroic Adventure" per day, which are high in difficulty and randomly selected each day.

Completing the adventures in each destination may result in a nifty reward...!

"Strikes"—Priority Vanguard Missions

Talk to Commander Zavala in the Tower to unlock Strikes.
These assignments are of the utmost importance to Vanguard members and feature difficulties that will test the very limits of your skills as a Guardian. The storylines that unfold exist apart from the main story arc, pitting you against a variety of hostile species and their nefarious schemes.
Completing Strikes alone is an impossibility, forcing you to go in with a Fireteam. And though the path forward may be rocky, the rewards will make your efforts worthwhile. The Vanguard Tactician Tokens you find, for example, can be handed over to Zavala in exchange for engrams.

Check the bottom of the destination screen and select "Vanguard" to bring up a list of available Strikes. Strikes are divided into the following playlists:

- Vanguard Strikes: Selects a basic of Destiny 2 Strike at random. If you're new to Strikes, this is the route you'll want to go. Selecting this option will automatically match you in a three-man Fireteam, allowing you to jump right into the fun.
- Daily Heroic Story Missions: This is an all-around more challenging mode than Vanguard Strikes. This playlist contains all available standard Strikes, both from the base game as well as from the "Curse of Osiris" and "Warmind" expansions. Select from a pool of five missions that are renewed weekly.
Here, matchmaking will also randomly compile a Fireteam for you. We recommend first testing the waters on Vanguard Strikes. Then, once your Power level has been sufficiently beefed up, try your hand at these for an additional challenge. Note the "Curse of Osiris" and "Warmind" expansions are required to attempt certain missions.
- Nightfall: The most challenging Strike mode available. Your efforts, however, will be rewarded with exceptional gear. A total of three Nightfall Strikes are rotated on a weekly basis, with your performance scored. Earn a high enough score and your character will be imbued with an aura. (Note this aura requires equipping a specific emblem.)
The difficulty for Nightfall Strikes fluctuates according to your Power level. Furthermore, there is no automatic matchmaking feature, meaning you will have to either build your own Fireteam beforehand or use Guided Games. Need help creating a Fireteam? Try using this community.

Getting and Decrypting Faction Engrams

Giving enough items, such as tokens, to a particular faction will reward you with engrams.
To learn what an engram will possibly decrypt into, simply hover the cursor over the engram and press the △ button to bring up its details.
As engrams will decrypt into faction-specific weapons and armor, this is your chance to get some awesome gear!

"Quests" Featuring Powerful New Weapons

New quests will be added to each destination once your initial run through the story is complete.
Although these quests will see you taking on multiple small jobs in succession, following through to the end will guarantee more than ample compensation.

Visit the "Pursuits" section of the Inventory to find "Quest Steps"—which will earn you some extra-potent weapons when completed.
This is easier said than done, however, with some objectives harder to decipher than others. Therefore, it's advised you stay on top of things by trading info with other players and cultivating Fireteam synergy. You'll definitely be glad you completed these!

"Challenges"—Activity-Specific Tasks

This mission type will be made available for Strikes, the Crucible, and every destination out there.

Challenges come in two categories—dailies being relatively easy, while the weekly variants are much harder. The level of rewards is proportionate to difficulty.
It is recommended you first start off with daily challenges, and then moving on to weekly ones once you've found your footing.

"Lost Sectors" Scattered across Each Destination

Defunct sectors dot the various destinations of the Destiny 2 universe, many of which can only be found off the beaten path. The entrances to these "lost" regions will be marked, however, so keep an eye out for them during your travels.
This may be your opportunity to meet some lesser known alien races...

Though the stories attached to these locations won't be directly narrated for you, the more bizarre locales are more than likely to pique your imagination. You may even find yourself formulating your own theories about the various in-game races and their secret plans...
Beating a Lost Sector boss will earn you a code to unlock a supply cache. Open the corresponding chest to complete the sector.
Note that Lost Sectors can be beaten as many times as you please.

Scannable Objects

Destinations house various objects you can investigate.
Upon sighting such items, move close and hold the □ button. This will initiate a Ghost scan,
allowing you to glean some interesting lore from the game world!

"Raids"—the Ultimate Test!

Raids are the most difficult activity a Guardian can engage in. Completing them requires an immense amount of courage and ironclad resolve.

These can be attempted with a Fireteam of up to six members. Bear in mind, however, there is no matchmaking feature for these missions.
Completion requires you to communicate your situation in real-time, making voice chat an absolute necessity. You'll want to assemble a trusty Fireteam and devise battle plans covering where to go, what to do, and more if you want any hope of victory; teamwork is the name of the game.
Should you need help assembling a Fireteam, try this community or the Guided Games feature.
Raids are divided into several areas. Completing an area will result in your progress being saved for a period of one week. Even if you quit the raid partway through, you'll be able to skip the completed area(s) when resuming the Raid as long as it is within the week.
Though the extreme difficulty of Raids makes them a daunting endeavor, nothing can match the feeling of accomplishment upon their successful completion. As they say, "If at first you don't succeed..."
Note Raids can also be attempted with a team of less than five members, or even just one, for those looking for an extra challenge. If you're feeling curious, why not check it out...?

*Some of the screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The game is playable in English.