Sony Network Entertainment International与Spotify成为全球策略合作夥伴 於PlayStation™Network提供最高质素的音乐服务

【美国 加利福尼亚州圣马刁 及 瑞典 斯德哥尔摩·2015年1月29日】Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (SNEI)及Spotify於今天宣布两者将成为全球策略合作夥伴,目的在於把最高质素的数码音乐体验带给PlayStation Network及其6千4百万的活跃用户1。SNEI将透过是次合作於2015年春季推出名为「PlayStation Music」的全新音乐服务。Spotify是此项服务的独家合作夥伴,於41个地区推出PlayStation Music,首先会支援PlayStation®游戏主机及Xperia™的智能电话和平板电脑。


「音乐既是顾客希望Sony提供的娱乐核心内容之一,亦是我们希望透过PlayStation Music达成的目标,把最精彩的音乐体验呈献给全球成千上万的PlayStation Network用户。」Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 总裁兼集团CEO暨网络业务总负责人Andrew House说。「这次合作象徵着游戏最强和音乐最强走在一起,对活跃於Spotify和PlayStation Network的用户来说都是一件好事。我们对於Spotify能为PlayStation Music的策略打好基础一事感到很非常兴奋。」


PlayStation Network以及Spotify的获奖数码音乐服务将深入融合,提供独一无二的服务。PlayStation Network的用户可把他们的帐户连至Spotify的帐户,从此可简单地以PlayStation Network的预付金额订阅Spotify的服务。


「我们感到非常荣幸,可以和Sony及PlayStation合作,为全世界的游戏机迷提供最好的音乐体验。」Spotify CEO及创办人Daniel Ek说。「我自己也是PlayStation®4的游戏机迷,我感到非常兴奋,因为即将可以在今个春季听着音乐在FIFA 15带领阿仙奴参加比赛。」


Spotify将会在PlayStation®4 (PS4™)PlayStation®3 (PS3™) Xperia智能电话及平板电脑的PlayStation Music上提供超过3千万首乐曲及15亿条播放清单。用户将可建立音乐收藏库,听播放清单上的音乐 (包括由现Spotify用户建立的播放清单及由Spotify建立的清单),以及在Spotify支援的硬件上享受服务。另外,PS4™的持有人亦可在游戏时使用Spotify,在游戏的背後播放自己喜欢的音乐。


PlayStation Music将会在41个国家2推出。SNEI现时於19个国家地区的Music Unlimited服务将於2015年3月29日停止。而该19个国家地区大部分都是该41地区之一。由2015年2月28日起,拥有Music Unlimited会籍的活跃用户除了可免费使用Music Unlimited至2015年3月29日外,亦会获Spotify尊贵入门试用服务。


有关更多合作详情,Spotify及PlayStation Network用户可於以下连结订阅:http://www.spotify.com/playstation




1 活跃用户人数包括Sony Entertainment Network用户

2 Spotify合力打造的PlayStation Music将於下列地区推出 (根据英文名称字母排列):安道尔奥地利澳洲比利时巴西保加利亚加拿大智利赛普勒斯捷克丹麦芬兰法国德国希腊香港匈牙利冰岛爱尔兰意大利列支敦斯登卢森堡马来西亚马尔他墨西哥摩纳哥纽西兰荷兰挪威秘鲁波兰葡萄牙新加坡斯洛伐克西班牙瑞典瑞士台湾土耳其英国及美国

3 会否於日本推出PS Music 服务等相关详情还未确实,请留意以後的公布。


About Sony Network Entertainment International LLC:

Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (SNEI) founded in April 2010, drives the vision, strategy and execution for network services across Sony Group, to offer consumers compelling, connected entertainment experiences across a variety of network enabled devices. Headquartered out of San Mateo, California SNEI’s operations span globally across San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Tokyo and more. Through PlayStation®Network and Sony Entertainment Network, SNEI offers a bevy of exciting services including PlayStation®Store, PlayStation®Plus, PlayStation™Vue, Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and more. With over 64 million active viewers registered to our network and FY13 revenues exceeding 200 billion yen, SNEI is a core Sony business which continues to grow at breakneck speed as a leading provider of cutting edge digital entertainment experiences.


About Spotify:

Spotify is an award-winning digital music service that gives you on-demand access to over 30 million tracks. Our dream is to make all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, wherever and whenever you want it. Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage and share music with your friends, while making sure that artists get a fair deal.

Spotify is now available in 58 markets globally with more than 60 million active users, and over 15 million paying subscribers.

Since its launch in Sweden in 2008, Spotify has driven more than $2 billion to rights holders. Spotify is now the second biggest source of digital music revenue for labels in Europe, and the biggest and most successful music streaming service of its kind globally.




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