“AKIBA’S TRIP 2” The Release of Traditional Chinese Version on January 23, 2014!

Hong Kong, 3rd January 2014 - Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) today announced that the Traditional Chinese version of “AKIBA’S TRIP 2” (ACQUIRE Corp.) for PlayStation®3 (PS3™) and for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) will be release on January 23, 2014.



The story takes place at HD Akihabara with the appearance of more than 130 stores with real existing names. The game reveals never been seen battles on the street of reality.



■ ”AKIBA’S TRIP 2” Summary

Real Akihabara x Impossible Battles ver2.0 x Lovable Heroines. The setting of the story is represented by the reality of Akihabara by putting a major emphasis on the appearance of more than 130 stores with real existing names. The fans can enjoy the exciting sensations of Akihabara by visiting electronic stores, maid café and Akiba gourmets. Watch out for the VS final ultimate technique (strip action) of the vampires!! Be prepared to encounter the “Magaimono” that attack the people of Akihabara. The only way to lay them to rest is to make them expose to the sunlight. Attack them using clothe stripping techniques to strip off the enemies!! The storyline is one that is on a constant change and the heroine you finally tie the knot with all depends on your choices. In other words, the player can decide the heroine they want to pair up with. This title also takes an extra step further by having the popular artist “Poyoyon Rock” as their character designer, so make sure you don’t miss the hot excitements of the title with a storyline that is ultimately determined by you! 


■ “AKIBA’S TRIP 2” Premium Extra Bonus

Customer who purchases PS3 or PS Vita version at any PlayStation® Platinum Shop can receive premium as below while stocks last.


  • Limited Premium - A premium pamphlet contains Special Episode “Mega Tokyo Toybox”, illustrations by Master Poyoyon♡Rock and Original Soundtrack.
  • Initial Premium - Download code for the pajama costume set for the heroine.




■ Product Summary


AKIBA’S TRIP 2 (Traditional Chinese Version)


Action Adventure

Release Date

January 23, 2014






No. of Player


Compatible Peripheral






Traditional Chinese



Disc Version HKD 458

DL Version  TBC


VITA Card Version HKD 388

DL Version  TBC


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