“Bloodborne™”, PlayStation®4 exclusive Action RPG, will be released on 24th March, 2015 in Asia. Limited Hunter Edition will also be available

Indonesia, 30 January 2015 – Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) Singapore Branch announced today that PlayStation®4 exclusive title “Bloodborne™” will be available in Asia on 24th March, 2015.


FromSoftware and SCE JAPAN Studio, the joint forces behind the revolutionary gameplay of PlayStation®3 software “Demon’s Souls™”, promise to innovate once again on PlayStation®4. This completely unique Japan-made action RPG has earned many accolades already, and will be sure to captivate players around the globe.


The game will be available with limited edition, named “Limited Hunter Edition”, which comes with Special Artbook, collectable Steelbook, digital soundtrack, PlayStation®4 Custom Theme, and multiple costumes for in-game character “Messenger”.


On top of this, the game will come with a 14-day trial code for PlayStation®Plus service[1], so that users can fully experience unique online features of “Bloodborne™” including ever-changing “Chalice Dungeons”.


[1] The code is only for non-current PS Plus members






<Bloodborne™ Standard Edition>

Disc Price: IDR599,000 / Download Price: IDR530,000


<Limited Hunter Edition>

Price: IDR799,000


  • Special Artbook
  • Collectable steel book  
  • Digital Full Sound Track
  • PlayStation®4 Custom Theme

-    3 Messenger Costumes: “Top Hat”, “Bandage”, “Fedora”


<Retailer Initial-Order Bonus>

  • Digital Mini-Sound Track
  • PlayStation®4 Custom Theme
  • “Top Hat” Messenger Costume


<PSN Early-Purchase Bonus (24th March - 6th April)>

  • Digital Mini-Sound Track
  • PlayStation®4 Custom Theme
  • “Top Hat” Messenger Costume


<PlayStation®Plus Premium Discount>

PS Plus users will be offered 10% off the price of download version on PlayStation®Store, between 24th March and 6th April.



Product Outline

Product name







Voice: English

Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and English

Release Date

24th March, 2015



Other information:

Website﹕                 http://asia.playstation.com

Sony Centers :                   http://asia.playstation.com/id/en/support/wheretoshop

Facebook:                        http://www.facebook.com/PlayStationAsia

Customer Service Centre:            http://asia.playstation.com/id/en/support/contactus#customerService