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The new PlayStation®Move introduces a brand new way to enjoy your PlayStation®3!

PlayStation®Move motion controller and a PlayStation®3 USB camera PlayStation®Eye bring your gaming experience to a three dimensional level. To be released on September 15, 2010.

What is Playstation®Move

PlayStation®Move is a new way of PlayStation®3 playing format using the motion controller and the PlayStation®3 USB camera.

The motion controller reacts not only to upward, downward, leftward and rightward movements, but also to other motions like changes of the angle of your wrist. From rapid and sportive to delicate movements such as drawing with a pencil, the motion controller captures all kinds of movements.

With this motion controller that senses the depth of space, you feel as if you were inside the game and can enjoy intuitive and vivid gaming experience!

System requirement

  • PlayStation®3 system
  • PlayStation®Move Controller
  • PlayStation®Eye Camera
  • PlayStation®Move exclusive/compatible titles

※Please tie the attached strap of the controller around your wrist while playing

PlayStation®Move Motion Controller

Equipped with a triaxial gyro sensor, a triaxial acceleration sensor and a geomagnetic sensor which capture your hand movements in a detailed manner, this motion controller can detect the position, inclination, speed, slow motion and even small movements of your wrist. Moreover, PlayStation®Eye captures the movement of the sphere on the motion controller and detects the absolute position of the controller within a space. Even the depth of the space is re-created inside the game and 3D gaming experience is just for you to enjoy.

PlayStation®Move Navigation Controller

Using this one-handed navigation controller together with the motion controller on compatible games allows you to realize more refined operation and real-life experience.
※Replaceable with PlayStation®3 exclusive wireless controller


PlayStation®Eye senses the light of the sphere on the motion controller and captures the three dimensional position of the controller.
Also, you can take a picture of the background or your own face in the game. The captured image of both your face and your background will become a part of the game through PlayStation®Eye.