Watch MLB.TV

In order to view the MLB games, you need to subscribe MLB.TV Premium on, download MLB.TV application and activate the service on your PS3™.


How to Sign-up MLB.TV Premium

You have to sign up MLB.TV Premium on (Click here - English only). Simply follow the steps below to sign-up for MLB.TV Premium:


Step1 : Enter MLB.TV PS3™ website on PC

1. Click “Get MLB.TV” yearly or monthly


2. Choose your Status of MLB.TV

(Go to “Returning Customers” if you have account or “Purchase as a Guest” if you do NOT have MLB account.)


Step2 :  Input your payment information.  Create MLB account if you do not have it.

For Returning Customers (Already have an account)

​1. Input Payment information


For New customer - Purchase as a Guest (Not have an account)

1. Input Payment information


2. Create an account


Step3 Confirm your purchase


How to download the MLB.TV app

After subscribed the MLB.TV premium service, you can download the free MLB.TV app on your PS3™ from the “My Channels” option under TV/Video Service column on the XMB or PlayStation® Store.


How to Connect with PS3™

Please start up MLB.TV app on your PS3 and also Click here on your PC.


Step 1 : On PC

1. Click “ACTIVATE” > Select “I already have an account” > Enter your E-mail address and password.  


2. Login account


Step 2 : On PS3™

1. Start MLB.TV App


2. Press "△" button & Select "MY ACCOUNT" and “Log in or Link a PS3 System”


3. Activation Code shown on screen


Step3 : 

Input Activation Code from PS3™


Registeration Completed!