For PlayStation™Network / Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) users

We are monitoring suspicious access to PSN / SEN regularly for safety of the network, and we are resetting your password to protect your account once we confirm such a suspicious action. To use PSN / SEN more safely, we strongly recommend that you change your password regularly.


Please refer to below article if you are not aware ‘how to change your password’.


(Article name: How do I modify my PSN account settings from a computer?)


We also recommend you to register a valid e-mail address for your PSN / SEN sign-in ID so password reset mail can be properly delivered when you change your password for safety reason.

We are doing our best to make more secure Network environment for users.


Thank you again for supporting PSN / SEN .


<Notice for the users>

  • When you create the password, please set a different password from the password which you used for other company's service.​

Please avoid the password which can be easily guessed by third parties, such as birthday and telephone number.

We recommend complicated combinations of letters and numbers.

  • Please be careful of exposure of SEN account information to others.

In any case, we don’t ask your personal information via e-mail. 

Please don’t answer to any questions of your personal information by e-mail, telephone, post, etc.

  • Please make sure your PC is safe from any virus, ransomware. Also refrain from using a public computer.

  • Please check your charge history and purchase history on SEN account regularly.

How to check the charge history and purchase history of SEN account are follows: 


(Article name: Download SEN Store Purchase to PS4)

  • If you have any suspicious points or uncertainties, please contact our PlayStation Customer Support.