Homestar VR for PlayStation®VR

Genre: Casual Publisher: THE POCKET COMPANY
Release Date: 2018/7/24 Developer: THE POCKET COMPANY
Age Range: All ages Voice: English, Japanese
Subtitle: English, Japanese

“Homestar VR” allows you to immerse yourself into the breathtaking milky way !

Experience a 360 degree view of starry skies that encompasses you from head to toe!

The hit household planetarium “Homestar” from Sega Toys sold over 1,000,000 units. “Homestar VR for PlayStation®VR” is a PlayStation®VR exclusive title which is the VR version of “Homestar”. Now you can easily enjoy a 360 degree view of starry skies and beautiful milky ways.

“Homestar VR”, the planetarium that allows you to experience a new sensation

“Homestar VR for PlayStation®VR” is a VR Planetarium software developed with full support from Sega Toys, and it has been supervised by Takayuki Ohira who is one of the most renowned planetarium creator in Japan! Based on astronomical data from NASA, the position, distance, and even the colors of the stars have been faithfully recreated.

The PS VR version will also allow players to experience beautiful auroras.

Powered by PS VR, the majestic milky way will spread across every corner of your view and offer a spectacular sight!  Over 2,500,000 stars from 1st to 11th magnitude are faithfully projected in “Starry Skies Selection”, with a chance of auroras as well.  You can gaze at the stars while listening to your favorite music by connecting an USB that contains music data as well.

3 modes with a variety of effects will further enhance your star gazing experience.

Time Travelling to any night sky around the world

Select any location, date and time, to view the night sky of special dates such as birthdays or anniversaries. You can also see the night sky of the day you were born.

VR Planetarium

A female narrator will guide you through constellations and mythologies for all seasons.   In “Full Spherical Planetarium”, you will be fully encompassed by the night sky from head to toe and feel as if you are floating in outer space.

Starry Skies Selection

Travel through world famous stargazing sights such as Matterhorn and Tekapo Lake.

You can even stargaze from Easter Island!


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