Genre: Adventure Publisher: SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 2019/1/24 Developer: AQUAPLUS
Age Range: Rating Pending Voice: Japanese
Subtitle: Traditional Chinese, Korean


The second game of the popular adventure & simulation RPG trilogy "Utawarerumono", is coming out in early 2019! Sega Games brings the big scale romantic adventure to the PS4 for Asian fans, translated in Traditional Chinese.

With a new setting and characters from the first game, Chiriyuku Mono E No Komoriuta, first timers to the series can jump right into the game with ease. Enjoy an incredible story while fighting enemies in tactical battles and interacting with unique characters.

Itsuwari No Kamen comes to Asia

AQUAPLUS, developers of TO HEART, WHITE ALBUM and DUNGEON TRAVELERS, release "Utawarerumono Itsuwari No Kamen, the second of a trilogy, for Asia! With a new story and characters, even newcomers to the series can get into the series easily.

Cooperate with your companions and defeat enemies!

In the wilderness where snow flutters, a young man who lost his memory, Haku, is rescued by a girl, Kuon, when he was attacked by monsters. Set in the country of Yamato, live and fight with various friends and companions. The game consists of two parts: an Adventure mode for the story, and a Simulation mode for battles. With the game twice as long as the previous installment, gamers can enjoy an even more spectacular story.

Premium Edition

As with the previous game, a premium edition will be released! An official art book, with about 50 pages translated into Traditional Chinese, and an original mini soundtrack CD will be included in a beautiful limited box.


Standard Edition
Premium Limited Edition
Digital ver.
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