Gran Turismo®5 2013 Edition Debut!!!

Thailand, 6th December 2012 - GT5™ 2013 Edition, a new special edition of Gran Turismo®5 is available to buy from 21st December 2012 at suggested retail price THB1, 190. It includes all the functionality updates available since the launch of GT5 until Ver2.00, and also the downloadable additional contents.


The additional contents include extra vehicles, courses, plus paint packs and racing gear. When sold separately, the Complete Pack (Car Pack, Course Pack, Special Paint Pack, Racing Gear Pack), Car Pack 2, Car Pack 3 and Speed Test Pack, and Twinring Motegi Pack are individually valued at over THB920.
The new edition of the game also includes a special new Nissan GT-R driven in the Nürburgring 24H race.
In addition, an online competition, ‘GT5 2013 Edition Special Challenge’, will be held from 20th Dec 2012, until 10th Jan 2013 to celebrate the launch of GT5 2013 Edition. Any GT5 user can participate in this competition. Access the on-line seasonal event mode in the game to compete on the "London" city track, on the Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy '12. As the special bonus for this event, you can earn the double credit. This means, Gold Trophy winner will earn 100,000 credits. With credit - this virtual money - you can purchase cars and items in the game. Race, earn credit, and buy the cars you want!

Furthermore, a PS3 theme, exclusively designed as a prize for the event, will be received by all participants. And for the 50 fastest drivers in each region, there will be additional prizes of PlayStation® Store vouchers.

Gran Turismo®5 2013 Edition is perfect for those who are about to join in the race. It includes all the above items, so you can start the race right away. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to explore the world of Gran Turismo®5.