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    Light, Slim, Long Live Play

    Welcome to the world of PlayStation®! The new slim PlayStation®3 is the best gaming partner for gamers! With a lighter and slimer body, more than 1000 titles, Blu-ray entertainment and online gaming via PlayStation®Network, PlayStation®3 is set to bring you a higher level of entertainment experience.

    Brand New Features

    High Quality Gaming Experience

    Experience the HD visual experience of more than 1000 titles on PS3™, with some that even supports 3D feature. High quality audio output technology such as "Dolby TrueHD" and "DTS-HD Master Audio" produces rich sound effect as well as powerful and crisp timbre with broad sound range.

    Unlimitied Extension

    Users can update the console software via PlayStation®Network and quickly view new items on PlayStation®Store or titles they have recently played, as well as searching for friends to play together anytime they want.

    Blu-ray in One

    Equipped with Blu-ray playing feature, PS3™ allows you to enjoy the refined visual and audio effects of Blu-ray technology. This also fully manitests PS3™ as a multi-media entertainment system that brings its users diversified enjoyment.


    Next-Generation Intuitive Play

    PlayStation®Move does not only recognize upward, downward, leftward and rightward movements, but also the change of angle of the wrists to realize swift, sporty actions as well as delicate drawing movements. The motion controller also detects the depth of the space, bringing gamers a realistic in-game sensation.